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DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes) / Remote


RollerAds is an International advertising network. For three years we've been helping webmasters to successfully monetize their sites and enabling advertisers to get quality traffic. We make a nifty AdTech product, work with clients worldwide and build a team of internet marketing experts and a solid development department.

We have many services written in Go, deployed in k8s, and a considerable amount of traffic - up to 700,000 requests per second.

Now we are looking for a DevOps engineer to improve our platform.

What you will be working with:

- Hosted k8s;

- Stateless services on Go (gRPC, HTTP);

- Kafka, Aerospike, ClickHouse, Postgres, MySQL, ELK, VictoriaMetrics, Jaeger, GitLab;

- Our services are written in Go.

Your tasks will be:

- K8s, Kafka, Aerospike, Clickhouse clusters support;

- ML infrastructure development;

- Incidents handling;

- Optimize system bottlenecks - latency, throughput at bottlenecks. For example, better configure Kafka and Clickhouse for consumption;

- Kafkas multidict development.

What do we expect from you?

- Experience in building fault-tolerant distributed systems;

- Experience in maintaining k8s, relational databases;

- GitOps, Ansible.

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